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Create and Edit DXF Designs

DXF Editor is a CAD program designed to let users open and edit drawings in DXF format. Using this multimedia application, you can open, view, and tweak any existing DXF files without worrying about data loss. Of course, you can also create your graphic designs from scratch using the app’s built-in drawing tools

DXF Images

DXF stands for Drawing eXchange Format. It is a file extension for graphic images generated by computer-assisted software. Created to produce an exact representation of AutoCAD native DWG files on other applications, files saved under this format is not easily opened in any typical graphic design app. For years, importing DXF files have proved to be very difficult because of the unavailability of specifications of the format. Users need to use CAD software for them to open any DXF file without data loss. 

Open, View, and Edit

DXF Editor is based on the .dxf file format and does not make any import or export into an internal format. With this, users are sure that no property of the .dxf file will be lost or destroyed. It also allows you to open your DXF files without any additional step.

Once you have opened your existing DXF file, you can pretty much do any editing you wish to do using the app’s drawing tools. You can insert lines, rays, polylines, polygons, B-spline curves, and ellipses. You can also add in shapes as well as texts, points, surfaces, and dimensions. The app also allows freehand drawing so you can create any design that comes to your mind. 

Additionally, users can add line styles such as dotted or dashed to the file if it does not already exist.  You can even assign a layer, color, and thickness to any object in your existing file. DXF Editor sports a rather simple design that may look only a step ahead of your computer’s paint tool. However, it is intuitive enough to quickly get you up and running in no time. 

Most of the space is dedicated to editing with several tabs allowing you to switch between layouts and side panels providing easy access to creation and editing tools. And just like any other drawing app, your mouse will be doing most of the job. In addition to its rich set of drawing tools, DXF Editor also comes with other design editing functions that allow users to erase, resize, rotate, mirror, and exponentially multiply objects. 


While DXF Editor provides you with enough drawing and editing tools to create and enhance your graphic designs, you might find some limitations to the app. What’s noticeable from the start is the lack of a ruler for enhanced accuracy. This function would have greatly come in handy since this app is a CAD program. However, the only method to measure available on the app is with the dedicated drawing tool, which is mostly used for representation since you manually enter values to be displayed. 

Customization options are also not abundant in the app and only applies to layers, as a rule, cutting out a great deal of flexibility. And while the app comes with an implemented layer manager that allows users to set up multiple layers, toggle visibility, and re-configure line settings, working or triggering them can get difficult. More, the drawing utilities only seem to apply to the default layer regardless of your selection or visibility options. 

Far from Being Pro

To sum it up, DXF Editor may be a nice CAD software, but it does not live up to expectations. Its lack of measurement tools can be frustrating, and its layer management tool may be more of a challenge than help. Sure, you can load, save, and open DXF files rather easily, but the poor implementation and the limited features might not sway both design professionals and enthusiasts. 

With this CAD application you edit or create drawings in the dxf file format.

With this CAD application you edit or create drawings in the dxf file format.
You can open, view and edit existing dxf files loss-free. Of course you can also create completely new drawings from the scratch. No property of the dxf file will be lost or destroyed, because this program is based on the dxf file format and does not make a dxf import and export into an internal format.

You can add lines, construction lines, rays, polylines, rectangles, polygons, arcs, circles, B-Spline curves, ellipses, dimension, text, points, solids and arrows. A freehand drawing tool is also available.


  • Load, Saves, and Opens DXF Files Easily
  • Easy to Navigate User Interface
  • Rich Set of Drawing Tools
  • Large Drawing Space


  • No Measurement Tools
  • Implemented Layer Management Tool Is Hard to Work With
  • Drawing Functions Only Apply to the Default Layer
  • Limited Customization Options

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